AI mod suggestion, please.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Norwegian Racer, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Norwegian Racer

    Norwegian Racer

    Hey there fellow racing fans!
    I am over half way through my first season now. I run on expert with no assist, and I am on 7th place. Eaven though I have ran a few races by now, I am yet to see any of the AI car make mistakes. No fatal crashes, no one run of the track, not eaven a spin out. This is so unrealistic, that it is allmost a gamebreaker:) In real life racing, there is accidents at race start, spin outs during the race, collisions and so on....
    If I put pressure on someone, not backing of at all for laps after laps, he should be stressed out and make a mistake at some point. Right? But that never happens. I want the AI to make mistakes as well, and not only me :)
    So I`ve been looking at some AI mod to make it more interesting. But it is so many AI mods claiming to do the same thing. I have no idea witch of them to download. So what AI mod is the best?

    Take care.
  2. Tadhg MacConeely

    Tadhg MacConeely

    Hi Norwegian Racer, I have this one installed & can honeslty say it's improved the game in all areas of grip & AI, ergo, improving things after the intial CM patch which seemed to be an attempt at dumbing down the whole experience from what I can gather...

    Anyway, had no issues with this AI mod & it will work if installed during a current career without corrupting the save files.
  3. dkt91


    I am using the same mod and it has really made the game playable again for me. The AI is much more fun to race against (more competetive) but they also make mistakes - I am getting DNFs in almost every race now and I've also had the safety car out which is a miracle because before I had installed this modification I had not seen it a single time in about 20 races. I have tried all of the other AI mods available here but I figured that for me the one that Tadhg MacConeely mentioned works best.