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General Ai light don't work

Sorry but it will be a bit long post. Currently I have Assetto Corsa with Sol 2.1.3 Csp 1.75 preview (problem also with previous versions) and of course content manager.
All tests were also done with standard cars and circuits.
I installed ac and I realized that the lights of the other machines do not turn on automatically in the dark or even forcing from the settings. The lights in my car work properly both manually and by setting automatically.
I leave the original SOL ppfilter but even if I put any standard type or sol_extra it doesn't change.
Controller using Sol 2.1 on the left and Sol 2.1.3 on the right.
I have deleted the reshade
If I put a lower version of CSP the rain does not work, if instead of the controller script 2.1.3 I put a different one (type hsw) everything works even the lights but you do not hear the noise of the rain and you do not see wet asphalt .. and then I do not like it because the change of brightness all happens between 22 and 22.05, if I put other combinations or one thing does not go or another does not go.
I tried reloading the standard content manager preset and one of a friend's preset (he work correctly) but it doesn't work.
I have reset the Nvidia settings and have not associated any particular ac or game specific presets but I leave everything standard.
Yesterday I deleted the game, all user folders, appdata and searched my computer for anything related to ac., Cleaned with ccleaner. I restart the pc, download and install the game and add-ons from steam, install the content manager, put Sol 2.1.3 inside the MOD folder and activate it from the content manager (full version with donation), insert the csp folders in the main folder of ac..and it doesn't work.
Always the same problem.
* Csp 1.75 rain works (and the sound of rain) but not the lights even forcing them.
* Previous csp does not work the rain nor the lights of the AI not even forcing
* Sol 2.0 the lights work but not the rain
* HSW script works rain and lights but does not get asphalt wet and no rain noise is heard.

I don't really know what else to do, I ask for help. If someone is available to help me I can also possibly show remotely

Thanks and sorry for the long post
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