AI infernal race pace.

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  1. Camacho


    Hi everybody!

    I have started a new season in career mode with Ferrari. In free practice everything has been fine and I have been the first with 0.6 seconds gap with the second classified. Clasification has been fine but in race... The AI have an infernal pace. I have not been able to be better than 5th despite I have started in second place. My better lap has been 2 seconds worst than the AI better lap. Why happens this? Cars worse tha mine are faster in the race. This is not real...

    Please some help about that. And it's possible to reduce the AI ability in race?
  2. TMDoll


    Which race specifically? I had this problem too, but since mastering a few setups it's not so bad anymore.

    Keep the gears nice and short, way shorter than most setups you find on here. On a qualy lap you should be definitely hitting the 7th gear limiter pretty early, so that without DRS you are optimal. Tyre wear is obviously an issue, I've had more success concentrating on low tyre wear setups so that at the end of the race I can push hard. I also save +3/4/5 laps of fuel for the last stint where possible.

    It's easy to get into a rhythm of braking at certain points, but as the car gets lighter you can obviously brake later. Thinking about this in the race definitely saved me time.
  3. Tom

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    What I found to be a bit odd is that I can outqualify the AI by 1.5 - 2.0 seconds in Melbourne but they're quicker than me during the race. They can close a 6 second gap within 15-20 laps even if I don't make a mistake and consistently run the same lap times.

    Some people suggested to deleted the catchup.xml file in the "ai" folder in order to prevent them catching up at an unrealistic rate but that didn't help either. I think tuning the AI down to match their race pace and qualifying on prime tyres is the best solution right now, isn't it?
  4. Demy van Zoggel

    Demy van Zoggel

    This topic can be closed, it's proved that the AI is as fast in career as in quick race.
    The only thing that is different is that we have a downgraded car (upgrade after R&D), and the AI has an upgraded car.

    This means that after the first stint the AI just has more pace, traction and control. This is because the fuel load gets emptier. I can post some evidence of this if you like. =)
  5. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Before some time I thought the AI has immortal race pace and sucky Q pace, but now I think it's the other way round. I don't know if you've watched my Career series, but in a Caterham I usually can't qualify very good. I avoid doing laps in Q3, but in the race - I'm up there. When I started playing the game - it was the opposite but just with faster cars. I could own the AI's in Q but it was hard to keep up in the race. You'll be the other way round when you get some more practice in.

    The AI doesn't have an upgraded car. The AI drives the EQUAL ONLINE cars. The performance is the same in career and GP mode. They just have a fixed pace and they're on it. Not that the HRT AI can't go as fast as the McLarens, they're just made to be slower.
  6. RowingAce


    the thing with AI cars getting faster towards the end of the race is due to tactics and database.
    The performance scenarios are way too strong, sometimes give AI cars a 30 BHP bonus. In addition to that I noticed, that many cars drive on lean mix at the beginning of the race and switch to fast mix, when they are close enough to the finish to make the rest of the race on full revs.
    Did some 100% races lately, and the tactics point (fuel mix) seems to apply on shorter races than in full races.