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Misc AI for Baku 2019 plus Rain FX v2.0

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kevink63 submitted a new resource:

AI for Baku 2019 - New ai fast lane, pit lane, and side lines

New ai for Baku. Original ai seemed fine, but I later realized the fast lane was created by coasting around the track. It works, but not ideal for ai fuel calculation from what I understand. New ai should be faster, more consistent, and less crashes.

Tested at 100% strength and aggression with Kunos GT3, and various RSS open wheel mods.

Please do a search on the internet to find latest version by patrikPat, updated by Terra21, optimized by norms. It should work on older original versions...

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Check your file structure. It should go in your assetto corsa folder. Make sure you have a folder named baku 2019 in your tracks folder.

Delete any .bin, payloads, pitlane with grid.ai files.
Hi Kevin

Thanks for helping out ... I installed a baku 2016 track and that works fine. I downloaded Baku 2019 from mega nz. I took the baku_2019 folder out of the baku_2019 v1.1 folder, and dropped this into AC > content > tracks.

I cannot see any .bin or payload files (do payloads have a different extension?). The only .ai files I can see are fast_lane and pit_lane. Deleting these makes no difference ...

The 2019 Baku show up in my track list in game, however when I select it and launch, it tries to load and then crashes back to the launch window

Any further thoughts... is there an alternate donwload mirror, or something else I am missing?




Hey Doogz,
It could be a Shader's Batch bug. I've been getting a lot of weird crashes as well. I will check my install and see if the same thing happens. Try different cars as well, just in case.

Edit: Just checked and it's loading okay for me. I'm on latest CSP preview... sorry can't help much beyond that.
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kevink63 updated AI for Baku 2019 with a new update entry:

AI for Baku 2019 v2 plus Rain FX added

Small update to ai to help with one corner that I noticed a few cars were having problems with. Readjusted sidelines and pit lane. Added rain fx streams with a few material adjustments from shin956's original config, placed in new extension folder.

Track link for norm's optimized Baku 2019 in track discussion. Backup your files before installing, and delete all .bin, and pit lane with grid.ai files for clean install.

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When i install the track, parts of the track are like mirrors? Any idea what is happening?