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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 102 18.9%
  • Boots

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GTR2 AI driving straight through barriers.

Hey guys so been editing tracks as part of the upcoming super touring release and having odd issues with tyre barriers.

There's some tire bundles at Oulton Park that I isolated, and saved as a file by itself that I have been copying and pasting onto other tracks. I've changed the texture names but only the suffix on it, so it's gone from TWAL_WALLG to TWAL_FURI.

The tire bundles are on the track showing perfectly well, they destroy my car if I touch it (as its supposed to do) but the AI pass straight through it on the new track. No collision detection at all. Any idea why?

On the new track:

And in the TRK:
MeshFile=tyrewall_chicane.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True

Any pointers...?
Only thing i can think of is you are using a 'old' hat file?
Have you deleted the hat file after editing?
If not then try in the .plr file to set
Always Rebuild HAT="1" in the install where you test tracks.