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AI Difficulty Expert/Legend


Nov 20, 2010
I got the game a few months ago but quickly uninstalled it as I was extremely disappointed in it. Decided to give it another go recently but again Ive found myself getting increasingly annoyed with the AI in game. Specifically the time difference between Expert and Legend. For Example in Q2 in Australia I found myself 0.7 seconds faster than the rest of the field in a Williams (on expert) but when I inreased the difficulty to Legend, even though i put in a lap roughly 0.5 seconds faster than my previous time, I found myself 2.1 seconds slower than Rosberg and even more annoyingly, 1.8 seconds slower than my team mate Massa.

1 step up in difficulty should not equate to AI decreasing time by nearly 3 seconds. Does anyone have a fix for this to make the game enjoyable in anyway? Ive tried database mods but they havent made any real difference.

Any help would be seriously appreciated,


May 18, 2014
There was an AI difficulty mod for 2013 that pretty much made a 0.5 sec difference between all levels. I too think think 2 sec between levels is too great, especially when your skills are in the middle of two levels. I don't think there's a mod this year, but you could possibly try some aids to increase your time on Legend. I know that's not what you're looking for, bu that's what I've had to do to find some competition in between levels. Possibly look into the mod that gives the player a little more grip. Perhaps that will make you a bit more competitive on Legend.


Nov 20, 2010
cheers for the reply mate. Yeah ive resorted to compromising with traction control at medium. Ive found that running in grand prix mode as opposed to career actually makes the AI times alot easier to reach on Legend, suppose thats because the AI cars start with full upgrades in career. Hopefully this will be fixed for the new games, takes alot of fun out of it. Difficulty sliders are badly needed


Apr 9, 2015
i love this game but i just think the ai is so poor. You can practically hold all the cars behind you if you want, as they do nothing to get past you. It kinda kills the game and i hope f1 2015 is far better.

So far all of the ai mods i have tried haven't rectified this.


Nov 19, 2010
I've found the exact same problem... My solution is to use a less tier team, qualify in legend and race in expert mode...
Though using this way means your team-mate is slow as hell in the race but it makes for some competitive qualifying and racing.

I can typically just match my team-mate in qualifying (legend) but trying to keep that kind of pace in the race is damn near impossible! (Hence the switch to expert for the race) ...

I'm currently using the 2015 mod playing with McLaren (they suck this year, at least 2 seconds off the pace to the Mercs) In the race I am just about quick enough to keep up with the Mercedes provided I can pump the lap times in...

So far I'm 3 races in and it's a fair bit of fun! Tyre strategy has come in to play and how you manage safety cars etc is crucial... Still a huge mission to be competitive against the Mercs...