ai crashes

My ai crashes every lap so the game is unplayable... i heard there should be an option to change the ai's reaction time and everything.. but in the opponent setting option i can only set a strength setting of 0-100!
How can you change this, because i have the feeling there is something wrong in my settings.. they cannot even complete one lap without all cars crashing into each other.. i hope someone has a solution..
Try the BAC Mono or BMW M1 cars on Brands Hatch and let us know if the AI crashes. The reason I am mentioning these particular cars and track is I tried the latest build last night and the AI (15 cars) was almost perfect. A little slow in some corners but they raced clean and believable. I don't remember where I had the AI difficulty slider.
They seem fine to me. You just can't drive it like other racing/sim games. Respect the AI and they will respect you. If you push hard into a corner so will they as they don't want to loose position. Break earlier if you have to, or push them a little and then break and watch as they run wide :)

Check out some of my videos, I run large AI sets at various difficulty settings, but mainly 70% or higher with REAL driving aids on.

My latest video: