AI cars slow? ? ? GTR2

Hi guys. I've searched and found very little to help me. I've downloaded Jimola Aiw editor and the Rfactor Aiw editor to see how to solve this issue, but I'm stuck. The editors seem to concentrate on track and lines not car speed? I may be wrong. I've exported to GTR2 and the cars seem to stay in first gear.

What I hope to do when I have everything figured out with track building, is build a decent 'how to' tut guide from beginning to end, as there are just too many unanswered problems. It becomes frustrating as the help files are not concise enough to get to the nitty gritty. There is just too much trial and error.

Anyway, enough of my rant, can anyone help me with my initial problem. Thanks.
I've not any experience of GTR2, but if the cars seem to be stuck in first gear then I'd reckon it's likely they aren't going through the Pit Out gate and are staying on the pit lane speed limit.
Thanks for the responses. I'll only be able to check tonight when I get home. Thing is, in the BTB AIW, setting (pit in) and (pit out) it is only for rFactor, but worth having a look at.

With the current setting, when the cars leave the pits, the pit light on the cars rear goes off when they leave the lane, which tells me they signal they have left pit lane.

Thanks chaps.
The (pit in) & (pit out) effect also GTR2 & other Race 07 games. Early on in building my own track I hadn't adjusted my (pit in) so after exporting to GTR2 the AI would start fast, but upon coming up to the second lap they would pass by the pit entrance then abruptly slow down.
Damn it . . . . . That worked! - thanks chaps.

Excuse my ignorance, but piddy should not state (Rfactor only) next to those options. That's why I didn't bother looking as I thought it pointless to work on something if I intended exporting to GTR2 for testing.

Right, now to continue the work. You guys are going to love this track.

Edit: Managed to get the cars AI going at a decent pace that was pretty quick - took me around 10 laps to finally conquer pole, only .076 in front - So I think I'm almost spot on with AI straight out of BTB - nothing wrong with that editor.

One thing I did struggle at first with, was the overlapping coridors, as the pits at Roy Hesketh were very close to the circuit - but I worked around it and made a solution. I'm very happy now, the circuit is taking shape, will post a WIP in time.
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