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Nick Hill

Hello -
Does anyone else who does lot of single player have any opinions on how well the AI is "balanced" from track to track?
I'm asking because I've been running the old stock cars & am having to drive my butt off to keep up at Interlagos historic, but then I go to Brasilia with the AI at the exact same level and I'm about 3 seconds faster (!!!) than the next fastest car. I'm trying to figure out if I'm really that slow at Interlagos/fast at Brasilia, or if there are inconsistencies with the AI's speed from track to track!


It happens to me all the time. I usually just go to practice to see how well the AI is, and adjust it accordingly. This also means I avoid championship mod.
I also have this feeling.
For each track, a setting different AI. Of course this is also related to having better performance in Some tracks.
in aiw
mid adjust, is about 98 to 105%(difficult) +-
if the AI car is too fast decrease this value
if the AI car is too slow, increase this value

worst adjust is for 70, 80% difficult
best adjust is 110, 115
not exactly

Nick Hill

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, gents.

This is the best sim ever. I went back and played a couple of "old favorite" sims after a lot of GSC track time lately, and I couldn't believe how flimsy they felt in comparison. Reiza has really injected new life into this game engine.


@Guilherme Borghezani

Kindly request you to explain the below statement a little better.

"and remember
other car = other adjust
make adjust for each car"

Not sure what this means exactly and how to use it. Would it be posisble to give an example.

Different car categories (f1, f3, mini etc) need different adjustment. Its not the most handy process but its the only. Isimotor doesnt have dynamic ai so you have to be competitive in every track/car
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There is not something like the "right" number. Only trial and error until u find something that suits u. The more u increase numbers the quicker the ai will be. Basically the only thing it does is forcing a custom ai multiplier. So if 100% ingame u will get 95 or 90% depending on your aiw file changes. That all is reasonable when in season mode. For a quick race just use the ai strenght slider. Remember that when becoming quicker in the future youre gonna have to once again change things.. for me best way is to leave everything intact and try to learn a track in practice sessions during a season
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OK got it now. Thanks a lot for the explanation.

So basically for each mod or car type I will need to adjust the values accordingly.

Thanks again

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
There is a big issue with quali vs race performance up until v1.15, which cause AI to be much faster in practice / quali relative to race. This has been fixed in v1.20 and the difference is now sensible (quali times are still faster than race as they should but not by several seconds as it was before).

Then there is an issue of inconsistency track to track, series to series, which we diligently try to iron out so that if for instance you are a 100% level driver, in theory that setting should work for you everywhere against every car. It´s a tough balance to reach though as with some cars the setup scope is bigger so you can gain time the AI themselves cant (well until you plug in setups for the AI but we´re not there yet), and also naturally the human element plays a part - what might be balanced for the developer, might not be for another player as he might better on a given track than another, or in a given car than another so in those cases the AI would seem inconsistent to him.

IAI remains a very core gameplay element in the sim for us though, there is room for improvement so you can expect GSC to get substantially better on that front already in v1.20, and even more in subsequent versions.

Keep in mind though that while fixing qualraceratio has a global impact in the sim, track AIW and AI physics improvements apply only to the original content. How good or bad the AI will behave in mod cars / tracks will depend on the work done by the modder.
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