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AF Corse 2021 WEC Ferrari 488 GTE No.52

Skins AF Corse 2021 WEC Ferrari 488 GTE No.52 1.0

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Retember updated AF Corse 2021 WEC Ferrari 488 GTE No.52 with a new update entry:

Update 1.0

Updated version to improve some graphics and make a more accurate resemblance of the real car. In new version:
- Added distinctive paint on side mirrors and carbon fiber texture
- Relocated "cavallino rampante" as in real car
- Corrected some sponsor logos
- Improved some graphics

Edit car in game using the following color settings:
Body: 243 (Red Glossy) in the three fields
Wheels: 22 (Light Grey) applying "Satin Metallic" on both fields

How to remove ACC default race number pads? Anyone...

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you should probably look at some of the other skins on here. No one is going to fool with trying to set up a car skin for you. You need a json file as well as all the livery files. Those livery files are more than just one file.