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Aero Variation

Hello guys, thats my first try to make my own car setup. Now i have a question. What means Aero Variation? Means that when i have Variation of 0% that this is the best for my car or means it totally different?.

Thank you for your help guys!!
0% means nothing in itself it is simply a reference point.

When the teams buy a car it comes with a book. It contains 2d aeromap tables that say at x front ride height and y rear ride height the aero balance will be z %. You will also have tables that map the rear wing.
It can look like this

from http://downloads.optimumg.com/Softw...cs-Investigating_Aerodynamic_Distribution.pdf

ACC chose to represent all cars balance from a given baseline ride heights, given rear wing and then to display how much you move from that arbitrary 0% point with each adjustment.

Don't focus on the actual absolute % number, some cars will need more some less. Instead look at how much a click raises or lower that number.

Higher % means moving the downforce to the front.