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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Daniel Volochen, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Daniel Volochen

    Daniel Volochen

    Hi All,

    I'm thinking of improve my SimRig. Basically I have a reasonable PC and a G27 and I'm a bit new to that. Was aiming on few options:

    1 - 3 Monitors (which I might not have the $$ right now);
    2 - A replacement for G27 H-Shifter (maybe the ClubSport Shifter V 1.5);
    3 - A ButtKicker (BK-GR Gamer model);
    4 - A USB ButtonBox;

    So, I'm wondering if these options would improve my overall experience, and what you guys might suggest! Any tips would be really appreciated! THX!

    PS: I'm playing most of time rFactor2, GSCE and AC ... and don't have too much $$$ to spend on that ...
  2. snyperal


    Buy the gt eye brake mod, a review for it is in this thread. That's your pedals sorted, now what are your visuals like? Big screen running at max resolution with full graphics running smooth as butter? If not find out what you are running, cpu + gpu + ram and look for holes. Some things can be a quick fix on the cheap. Others take money and a lot of fiddling.

    Got a spare tablet or android phone? There are handy apps which you can use to turn them into extra displays.

    A button box is nice to have, but not essential you can buy a cheap usb numbpad and just 're-label the buttons.
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