Advices for Recommend Model and Size for Triple TV's Solution

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    Amedeo Magoni

    Hello to All!!!;)
    Considering the Advance Simulator Rig that I'm going to buy from the british Vesaro, for Commercial-Use, I'd like to know your opinions and advices to setup CORRECTLY the "Display" that I considerated!!!

    Considering to choose a "Triple TV's Solution", Closest as Possible Behind the Wheel, which Model and Size do you Recommend between these TV's?

    55" or 65" - LG C7
    55" or 65" - Sony A1
    65" - Sony ZD9

    At Last, I also considerated the followed "Projected Curved Solution" although I'm a bit Skeptikal/Worried regard the QUALITY of the Projected Image, and however I considerated Two JVC DLA-X 5900 or Two Sony VW260ES!!!

    VERY SORRY for My English Language, I'm italian!!!

    MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!:thumbsup:
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