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Advice pls ….t3pa & bodin load cell


Hi gents , any tech savvy guys here on the bodin load cell ? I bought some second hand thrustmaster pedals some time ago at a good price with a load cell kit fitted , tbh I never looked at the cell kit very closely and having now used them for a few days I’ve noticed quite a bit of a dead spot of travel before anything happens , I tried to tube this out in settings then realised tonight it’s actually the “design” of the cell and the spring taking up slack / travel before it registers any load ….hope this makes sense ? Anyway upon inspection I noticed a spring that sits over a rubber pad below the pedal and this isn’t even at the correct angle to hit the pedal base straight so not only is there no load on the cell initially but the spring bends before it pushes on the rubber part which I’m assuming is the load cell ? Anyway long and short of it is thst it’s wearing taking chunks out of the rubber upon braking the “bent” spring is chafing the rubber because it isn’t travelling in a straight line under pressure. Hope this makes some sense and I’ve added a few pics ….to me either some parts are missing or it’s not installed correctly ? Any help greatly appreciated cheers guys


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