Advice needed for absolute beginner

hi, I hope some of you will help me out here. I have never played a racing sim. I would like to race classic cars on classic tracks. I have done some research which has brought me to this community. I have seen mentions of GTR2 + mods Power and Glory and Le Mans Classic and Targa Florio track.

What do I need to run these programs?

I have a fairly basic PC running W10 - AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 8.00Gb Radeon Vega 12 Graphics on board. SSD drive.

As a beginner I do not want spend a great deal to start. Maybe a basic wheel/pedal Logitech G27?

What software do I need? Which version and where do I get it?

Thanks in advance. This is something I have been thinking about for a while.


Welcome to sim racing! A G27 is a great place to start. Since it's all in one and very popular so very well supported, you'll be able to get gaming pretty quickly.

Really, all you need is the G27 (maybe G29 these days?), install their drivers and software, then just boot up a sim like GTR2, setup your controls, and you should be good to go.

You'll love it. You'll want to try all the sims once you get a wheel.

Some sims will feel better than others. These old SimBin titles won't feel very good out of the box compared to like iRacing or rFactor2 but there are ways to tune Force Feedback to make it feel better.

Good luck!
Thanks! Will try some. I am interested in 50s, 60s & 70s cars than F1 and modern.

Looking at the G29 with gear lever and stand at the moment!


You may want to look into GT Legends as well if you're into classic cars. Both games, GTR2 and GTL still offer a lot of fun today I think. I play them both regulary. I tried more modern titles that certainly look better but always come back to those two.
It may take some time to get your feet wet with sim racing, like in real life there is a learning curve. Whatever your first results, don't give up. If there are any questions I am certain you find answers here.


As I can realize, you already know what mods are. ;)
This should not be too hard for you to install them.... as GTR2 at the start was created for FIA GT cars only.
Plenty of cars and tracks of the period you're looking for are available ... but don't forget you'll have to have a bit of knowledge of how folders and files are working, but I'm sure it will not be a problem for you if you're used to PC for years ( moreover when I had a look at your age ... I'm nearly sure you are ;) )

You'll find here many gentlemen to help you when needed. :thumbsup:
Thanks for all the tips. I have looked at the blog. Really impressive will look in detail later. Will download some of the sims suggested, though will probably play with controller until Christmas before buying G29!
Thanks for all the tips. I have looked at the blog. Really impressive will look in detail later. Will download some of the sims suggested, though will probably play with controller until Christmas before buying G29!
It is very hard to play/ enjoy Gtr2 with a controller!
Bought a high end laptop to do a little sim racing when traveling. Ended up giving up op on the controller would say mouse steering is a little better than a game controller.
But nothing comes close to a wheel even a cheap none ffb wheel is way better than any type of game controller for sim racing.
Thanks for the tip. Need to save up! Big spend!
I can get very expensive fast but compared to most hobbies it is/ can be very affordable if you look at cost/hour?
You could look for a second hand wheel to try out if this is for you?
Anyway have fun trying out something that works for you!


Fully OK with Bjarne's post :thumbsup:
If you can find a second hand Logitech G27 at a good price ... go for it ... and when you feel Simracing is really for you ....
Later on you might have a look at another second hand ... but way better: Thrustmaster T300rs + TH8 shifter and maybe a apart pedal set ( the T300rs pedal set being the exception for quality ) .... it's totally a much better feel without being much more expensive than the Logitech G29.
I just changed a few weeks ago ... and what a big difference between both !
Thanks for the suggestion. Just looked at reviews and prices. Your setup seems to be the ultimate, but £200 more than the G29. At the moment I think I will stick with the cheaper option!!! Can get G29 plus shifter for £199. Seems the most realistic option st the moment.



Some wheels are cheaper and do the job like logitech dfgt for 50€ or even the old logitech MOMO force for 20€, both give great enhancement compared to joypad for minimum money :)
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