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Authorized Vendor Advanced SimRacing - The most robust SimRacing chassis ever created!


Authorised Vendor
Hey everyone! Mark here from Advanced SimRacing. We are a racing simulation chassis manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with shipping capabilities that cover the entire North American continent.


First things first, before we talk about us and our products, we want to offer members of the Race Department community a 5% off promotional code (RACEDEPT5) applicable on all ASR-brand products (Chassis, monitor stands, racing seats & accessories) on our US / International & Canadian websites : https://advancedsimracing.com/ - https://advancedsimracing.ca/


Quick introduction about the company and the team. This started as a passion project about a year and a half ago, when the two founders met online competing in an Assetto Corsa Competizione league. Francis (second from the right) was actually in the process of creating his own SimRacing chassis because he wasn't satisfied with what was available in the market in North America. Nikolas joined up with him (third from the right) as they founded the company, commercialized the product and started a good old eCommerce website. I joined up this last spring (tall guy with an awkward smile in the middle) as an investor, co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer. My job is to bring the ASR brand closer to the community and keep an ear to the ground to better direct product & accessory development for years to come. We are joined by 4 employees & hardcore SimRacers (1 unfortunately missing from the group photo!) as we have delivered over 1000 orders in our first year of existence. We like to describe ourselves as the "fastest-growing North American racing simulation chassis manufacturer". Oh and one more thing... Let's talk about this bad boy in the shot. That's our flagship ASR 6 featuring a custom "Gallardo Orange" powder coat finish that we created for a local Lamborghini dealership!

Advanced SimRacing - Meet the team


Before we dive in, please note that all prices on our US / International and Canadian websites include free shipping and import duties, meaning the price you see is the price you pay. We aim to provide a no hassle shopping experience for customers everywhere in North America.

Starting at 949 $ USD

US & International

The ASR 6 is our flagship product and it is available in a premium Carbon Grey powder coat finish, for the extra durability, the scratch protection factor and of course, the pristine look. It is also available in certain limited edition colors (as shown below) that we release once every 2 or 3 months, depending on market demand and what amazing paint recipe our team can come up with. This top-of-the-line SimRacing chassis features a 6 inch aluminum profile base that will provide the highest possible level of stability and durability... And we mean it, there is no equal to the ASR 6. This chassis is built to withstand everything you and your world-class peripherals can throw at it. As Barry from Sim Racing Garage mentioned in his review, the fact that the chassis is an immovable object will allow the most powerful peripherals to operate at their full potential and in-turn, provide SimRacers the ultimate experience. The ASR 6 offers the most adjustment options of all our product range, thanks to it's multi-channel aluminum base and steering column. The pedal plate and wheel deck offer a wide range of angles to ensure maximum comfort for long SimRacing sessions. This means that with the seat of your choosing, you will be able to configure your chassis into the perfect racing position that fits you perfectly! Important note, we source all of our aluminum and the vast majority of our hardware in the United States and Canada, to ensure that we provide only the best there is for our clients.


Barry from Sim Racing Garage reviewing our original ASR 6 White

"'A cockpit on top of my list for a buy it once and never regret it future proof platform"
- Barry Rowland, Sim Racing Garage

Advanced SimRacing ASR 6 Cockpit Review Part 1 "The Build"

Advanced SimRacing ASR 6 Cockpit Review Part 2 "The Setup"

Starting at 739 $ USD

US & International

The ASR 4 is our high-end chassis that is positioned as the best quality-to-price ratio in the market. Starting at 739 $ USD for the Silver Anodized edition (free shipping and import duties paid), there's simply no one in the industry that can rival with the build quality of this chassis. Since we wanted to provide our customers the option of going with a powder coat finish, the ASR 4 is also readily available in a Carbon Grey finish. With a 4.5 inch aluminum profile base and heavy aluminum profile construction, this high-end chassis doesn't compromise in terms of height, stability and sturdiness. Although there are slightly less adjustment possibilities when compared to the ASR 6, the ASR 4 will give you plenty of range and options in terms of pedal plate and wheel deck positions. The ASR 4 is designed to support the highest grade of peripherals available in the market today, including all direct drive wheel bases and motion solutions.


Starting at 539 $ USD

US & International

The ASR 3, featuring a 3 inch aluminum profile base, is our mid-range chassis that doesn't compromise on any level. We created this affordable chassis with the same design philosophy : zero flex and no weak points whatsoever. This chassis is available in the classic Silver Anodized look or our premium Carbon Grey powder coat finish for added durability and scratch protection. The ASR 3 is strong enough to support any type of belt-driven or direct drive powered wheel base. Although it doesn't feature heavy aluminum profile all around like our upper tier models, it is made of 100% premium-grade American aluminum that ensures the highest possible degree of stability and stiffness. Although a bit more constrained when it comes to pedal plate adjustment and angle possibilities, the chassis will still be easily adjustable in pedal height, angle, and position depending on the racing style and comfort level you are looking for.

ASR 3 (Silver Anodized).jpg
ASR 3 (Carbon Grey).jpg

Upcoming (Summer 2021)

ASR 1 - An entry level chassis designed for people starting out in the SimRacing world or those looking to invest more on other parts of their build.

ASR Formula - A formula style cockpit that will provide the perfect racing position for all your single-seater action.

ASR Kart - Available in adult and kid size, we aim to provide an entry-level SimRacing solution for all karting fans out there.


We also happen to be one of the few D-BOX' authorized retailer for North America! This means we have access to a wide variety of haptics systems that can transform any SimRacing experience into something truly unparalleled. Let me tell you a bit more about D-BOX... How are race car drivers able to push their vehicle right on the edge and maximize their performance lap after lap? They are perfectly in tune with their machinery and have the capacity to interpret some of the most subtle feedback it provides. The engineers at D-BOX believe SimRacers are entitled to the same degree of symbiosis between machine and man so that they too can extract every ounce of performance possible! Thanks to a unique and professionally designed haptic feedback, gamers can now feel all these crucial, subtle cues such as traction loss and road texture rather than solely relying on sight and sound. Licensed by the FIA, D-BOX haptic systems are the cream of the crop and stand as the ultimate add-on to unleash your true SimRacing potential.

Why is D-BOX known as the best haptic system in the world?
  • First and only SimRacing haptics system licensed by the Fédération Internationale Automobile (FIA)
  • Unleash your true SimRacing potential by actually feeling the car
  • Provides ultimate immersion and realism by involving your whole body
  • Used by professional drivers and racing teams all around the world
  • Replicates the widest range of movements, vibrations and textures in the industry
  • Easy “plug and play” approach
  • Exclusive, professionally designed haptic code integrated directly in the engine of your favorite games
  • Completely customizable haptic experience
  • Highly durable and reliable products that stem from over 20 years of experience in the industry and constant R&D
D-BOX FIA G1 4250i.png
D-BOX Lowest Price Ever Promotion (16-9 Image).jpg


Website (US / International) : https://advancedsimracing.com/
Website (Canada) : https://advancedsimracing.ca/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/advancedsimracing
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/advancedsimracing/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AdvSimRacing
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbtYofDkmeOlhKThFAWg7HA
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/advanced-simracing/
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/AdvancedSimRacing
TikTok (I mean, at this point... Why not?) : https://www.tiktok.com/@advancedsimracing
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Authorised Vendor
Hello everyone!

We launched a brand new product today and wanted to tell you guys about it in case you missed the news! :)

You've either been there yourself, or you know someone in the SimRacing community that faced the challenge of properly adjusting monitors on a triple monitor stand... We are proud to announce a brand new product after months of design work, the Advanced VESA adapter (set of 3) for triple monitor setups.

As opposed to what you can find in the market today, our Advanced VESA allows for a complete monitor position lock. This means that once you are fully satisfied with the configuration, your monitors can be locked and secured in position. Rather than an adapter that is moving freely at all times, we designed the product with a locking mechanism so that no movement, vibration or accidental bump will ever move your screens out of place.


119 $ USD, free shipping and import duties covered


129 $ CAD, free shipping

Feel free to ask any questions that might come to mind!

Advanced VESA - Launch promotion (with adjustements).png
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Authorised Vendor
Hey everyone! One thing we've noticed working in the SimRacing industry for the past year and a half is the lack of ultra robust and durable chassis options for a Formula-style racing position. We're happy to introduce our newest creation to the RaceDepartment community, the ASR-F. It features a powder coated high grade American aluminum build with a 6" base, 4.5" steering column and pedal tray extension along with thick Canadian steel plates to support peripherals. Contrary to the market's most popular Formula 1 inspired rig, this bad boy can take the most powerful peripherals available today without breaking a sweat. Feel free to ask any questions right here and we'll answer them ASAP!

Introducing the ASF-R // Formula-style SimRacing Chassis

For those wishing to see the full chassis up close and personal

The ASR-F is the culmination of a year-long quest to achieve the ultimate #Formula-style racing position with an aluminum profile build. This is, without the shadow of a doubt, the most robust Formula-style #SimRacing chassis ever created.

Pre-paid pre-orders (Starting at 999$ USD or 1,099$ CAD)

No charge, no obligation waiting list

Thanks to its unique design, top grade aluminum alloy, 6-inch base, 4.5-inch pedal plate support extension and wheel base support column, you can rest assured that this chassis will bring out the true potential of the most powerful SimRacing peripherals available today. Our design philosophy remains the same, zero flex and no weakpoints whatsoever in this build.

The sheer size of the aluminum pieces used in creating this chassis allows for a wide variety of adjustment opportunities, allowing #SimRacers of all builds to create their perfectly personalized Formula-style position. At launch, the ASR-F will be available in two premium powder coat colors : Racing Red & Obsidian Black.
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Authorised Vendor
We're extremely proud to unveil our brand new North American website that supports multi-currency transactions (USD $ & CAD $). As always, we offer FREE SHIPPING & NO IMPORT FEES to all customers in North America! (Continental U.S. & Canadian Provinces).


With a sleek and simplified design, we want to ensure that our customers can rapidly build their dream simulator with ASR-brand products and market-leading peripherals from companies such as Heusinkveld & D-BOX . We have also revamped all of our product descriptions and included tons of helpful information about various features, parts and adjustment possibilities.

Feel free to ask any questions right here or on our Facebook page!

Advanced SimRacing - New Website (2).png
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Authorised Vendor

We're very proud to announce that we have entered a partnership agreement with Team Able, one of Quebec's premier Esports organization, to create what we hope will be the fastest #SimRacing team in Canada... And perhaps even better! Stay tuned for the reveal of the brand, livery and driver line-up next week!

“We are thrilled to be working with such a renowned partner and such high skilled drivers. Advanced SimRacing offers products and services that we are proud to associate our name with. We have been looking to enter the fast-growing market of SimRacing eSports, and we see no better way to do that than by partnering with a business that is quickly on its way towards becoming a market leader in the space.”
Helmrich Vogt, CEO of Able Esports

"This new partnership is part of our desire to more fully integrate the Esports space and offer our driver line up a complete set of tools and resources necessary to compete at the highest levels. Combined with the extensive know-how and professionalism of Able Esports, we'll be able to showcase our high-quality, affordable SimRacing chassis and how they can give drivers an edge in a space where winning and losing is often determined by fractions of a second."
Marc-André Ladouceur, Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced SimRacing

Advanced SimRacing - Partnership Announcement (16-9).jpg
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Authorised Vendor

Wheel Deck Final Announcement (compressed).png

We know for a fact that upgrading your wheel base can be a costly endeavor. With our brand new wheel decks and mounting plates, we aim to make it a much more seamless and budget-friendly experience. All of our current generation Advanced SimRacing chassis are supplied with your choice of wheel deck. Starting now, you'll also be able to purchase additional mounting plates at a very competitive price, allowing you to completely transform your simulator with a new and more powerful wheel base in a matter of minutes. For customers who own a chassis from our previous generation, we'll also be making our complete wheel decks available, equipped with the mounting plate configuration of your choice. These new mounting solutions are as robust as ever and offer a wide range of adjustment possibilities.

Mounting Plates (Steel plates with hardware, no aluminum)


DD Side

DD Side

Front Mount (Requires DD Side Plates)

Complete wheel decks (aluminum, steel plates, mounting plates and hardware)

Standard Wheel Deck

DD Side Wheel Deck

Front Mount Wheel Deck
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Authorised Vendor

This has been a dream of ours from the get-go, so we are extremely happy and proud to introduce ASR x Able Esports, our new #SimRacing #Esports team, operated by our newest partners and Esports specialists at Team Able.

The team will feature some of the best SimRacing drivers in all of Canada and we'll be happy to reveal their names and track record in the next few days! Watch the video for an in-depth look at our amazing livery and crossover team logo! Who would have thought that Violet, Cyan (ASR) & Red (Able) would work so well together?

Our main sponsor will be none other than D-BOX, the world's leading provider of FIA-Licenced #haptics systems for SimRacing and #gaming. With their on-going support, you can rest assured that our drivers will have the competitive edge through ultra precise tactile feedback.
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Authorised Vendor
The great thing about the SimRacing market is the opportunity to find products and peripherals for all budgets. Keeping that important idea in mind, we will be launching the ASR 1 this week, our brand-new low-cost, yet high quality SimRacing chassis.

Who said entry-level had to mean flex, weakpoints and poor durability? Our aim is to make wheel stands and other similar products a thing of the past! We hope to give new SimRacers the opportunity to pick-up a chassis that will transform their racing experience, all while making their entry-level to mid-range peripherals shine.

Shout out to Thrustmaster for providing the equipment featured in our ASR 1 teaser. Thanks to high quality peripherals at a price that will not break the bank, SimRacers with their own gaming PC and monitor will now be able to assemble a full simulator for in the 3-digit range! Featuring Thrustmaster’s TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition (3-pedals set) - https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tx-racing-wheel-leather-edition

Zero flex, zero frills and unparalleled value with the best price point in the industry for an entry-level SimRacing chassis. Stay tuned for more!

Thumbnail (Square).jpg


Authorised Vendor
There's a newcomer in the ASR family of SimRacing chassis... Introducing the ASR 1, a zero flex, zero frills rig that offers unparalleled quality at an unbeatable price. For people starting out in their SimRacing journey or for budget-conscious customers, this is the ultimate tool to up your game without breaking the bank.

Now available on our website for 397.99$ or 449.95$ with free shipping and no import duties to pay : https://www.advancedsimracing.com/collections/simracing-chassis/products/asr-1

We are also pleased to announce that the will be available in a combo with our (Medium) at a discount of over 100$ on the regular retail price : https://www.advancedsimracing.com/c...ducts/combo-asr-1-advanced-bucket-seat-medium

Thanks to their wide-ranging selection of high quality SimRacing peripherals, we definitely recommend Thrustmaster products as the pairing of choice for the ASR 1. When used with an affordable, yet high-quality chassis, the feedback you will get from your peripherals will be perfectly translated to help you achieve optimal racing performance.

Advanced SimRacing - ASR 1 - B&W (Compressed).jpg
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Authorised Vendor
Another day brings another amazing opportunity to configure, deliver, install and calibrate a one-of-a-kind SimRacing build for one of our customers in Montreal. Featuring high performance parts and peripherals from our trusted partners and vendors:

The Simulator
• Chassis : ASR 6 - Infinite Black by www.advancedsimracing.com
• Monitor Stand : Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand & 4th Monitor Mount by Advanced SimRacing
• Racing Bucket : OMP Racing TRS E
• Haptics : D-BOX G1 4250i
• Wheelbase : SIMUCUBE 2 Sport
• Button Box : Ascher-Racing M16M GT
• Wheel : OMP Racing Targa
• Pedals : Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint

The PC
• Case : Phanteks P360A Black
• Fans : 6 x 120mm RGB Lian Li HQ
• Motherboard : ASUS B550-F Gaming ROG Strix
• Memory : 2 x 16gb Trident 3600Mhz DDR4 RGB
• Monitors : 3 x MSI Optix 32" 1440p
• 4th Monitor : Samsung SR35 27" 1080p
• Graphics Card : NVIDIA RTX3080 (EVGA FTW3 Ultra)
• Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
• Power Supply : GIGABYTE850W Gold
• Storage : Sabrent NVME M.2. 1TB
• Keyboard & Mouse : Logitech K400 Plus Wireless with Touchpad
• Additionnal controls : Elgato Streamdeck
• Games installed : Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing and much more.

Advanced SimRacing - Dream Setup.jpg
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Authorised Vendor

Introducing our brand new Aluminum Pedal Deck & Heel Rest. As more and more options become available in terms of pedal sets, we aim to offer our customers the opportunity to upgrade their Advanced SimRacing chassis with a widely compatible and fully adjustable Aluminum Pedal Deck.

This new product includes an adjustable standalone Heel Rest. It also allows for a wide range of configurations, including vertical adjustments for a perfect fit with with all shoe sizes. Made with thick powder coated steel and premium American-made Aluminum extrusion, this Pedal Deck is designed with a zero flex approach in mind and is thoroughly tested with the most demanding pedal sets on the market. The Aluminum Pedal Deck will be available as a standalone accessory that is compatible with all editions of the Advanced SimRacing chassis. It will also be offered as an option for all customers acquiring a brand new chassis on our website.

$139.95 USD - Free Shipping to all of the Continental U.S. and no import fees for our American customers

$157.99 CAD - Free Shipping to all Canadian provinces

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint, Sim Pedals Ultimate, Sim Pedals Ultimate+
Meca Sim hardware Cup 1
Simtrecs ProPedal GT
Sim Coaches P1-2/3 Pro Hydraulic Pedals
Simforge Engineering Mark-1
RaceWerks S1 PRO
SimWorX PRO GT V3.1 LC Pedal Set
HPP JBV 2/3 Pedal System (JBV Angled Mounting Tabs required)
And many more (please inquire directly with us for specific pedal sets

Advanced SimRacing - New Pedal Deck Announcement.jpg
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Authorised Vendor
Fanatec v3 & v3 inverted? front to back screw holes are about 10 inches apart.
Not compatible with our new Aluminum Pedal Deck. That set however is fully compatible with our original Steel Pedal Plate that comes stock with all our ASR-brand chassis.
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Authorised Vendor
Introducing the Button Box Mount from Advanced SimRacing. Due to increasing demand, we are introducing a mounting solution that is universal to all types of back-mounting Button Boxes available in the market today. Thanks to its dual sliding Universal Mounting Brackets, you will be able to perfectly position any Button Box on your simulator and move one step further towards recreating the interior of a real race car. With the possibility to swivel and tilt, our new Button Box Mount will allow for a wide range of positions on your simulator to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic fit.
available here :


$49.99 USD - Free Shipping to all of the Continental U.S. and no import fees for our American customers

$56.99 CAD - Free Shipping to all Canadian provinces

Advanced SimRacing - Button Box Mount.jpg