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    Like many users ive been on the never ending search for a decent ffb experience that i hear apparently exists but have never really been happy with the popular community settings available. I always seemed to lack lateral grip detail and what the backed end was doing.....generally i just never felt that the cars were planted.
    Last night I decided to give it one last go...deleted all my ffb files and started from scratch, mapped my buttons, configured the wheel, i choose the classic ffb, set it to 100% ingame and at the bottom off the ffb setup theres an area called controller advanced ffb which was off.....never enabling before i decided to switch it on and soft lock. Steering lock help off.
    Jumped in the toyota gt4 86gt or whatever its called and drove it around the green hell and to my surprise it actually felt very different and enjoyable....the car felt more planted, i had rear end detail without adding any sop setting, there was a strong scrubbing effect present and fairly decent lateral grip build up detail before grip was lost.
    If i was to compare the overall experience I would say it was very similar to AC and Raceroom when adding the slip angle effect to your ffb settings.
    I am hoping with a few small tweaks to the lateral strength and deadzone I might get a very enjoyable ffb.
    Can anyone put more insight into details regarding the advanced controller ffb? I was always under the impression it was for controllers?
    At first I thought it was a placebo effect with the help of my recreational meds but tried it again today and had another enjoyable drive. :)

    Thrustmaster tx
    FFB strength 65%
    The rest 100/100/100
    Whats a good starting point for deadzone setting on a tx?

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    Deadzone in Tx/T300 is 9-12%, probably a good value to set is 9 or 10. So that means DRR 0.09 and around 0.001 for DRF (or so they say for DRF). If you know what it does play a little with it.
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