Adjusting Eye Point MCR 2000

I’m unable to adjust the cockpit eye point for the MCR 2000. Usually I would edit the Cockpitinfo.ini file:

Eyepoint=(-0.159, 0.750, -0.175) // Driver eyepoint (cockpit view only) ( +LEFT/-RIGHT, +UP/-DOWN, -FORWARD/+BACK)

But changing the Eyepoint= numbers in the MCR 2000 Cockpitinfo.ini file has no effect.

My FOV=20 which means I could do with the cockpit eye point starting further back with the seat position at 0-0. I’m at -100 backwards which isn’t enough (still too far forward).

I’m wondering if anyone else can replicate this problem or am I missing something?
After some more testing the short answer is no. You can’t tweak the cockpit eye point for the MCR 2000 via the cockpitinfo.ini file. But you can for other vehicles in the game. Bit odd. :thumbsdown:
That’s a useful video, thanks.

I set my FOV subjectively to what looks real, which usually means a low FOV. High FOV has a fish-eye effect which doesn’t look real to me.

I’ve realised my problem is I need a wider monitor to have both low FOV and plenty of the cockpit in view. The part in the video about editing pitch is useful to know.
Good answer, thanks. I'll test this out.

I've found by editing the file I can do what I was trying to achieve. PositionOffset=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0), making the last number negative (e.g. -0.15) moves the view point backwards with the seat position at 0-0.