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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Steven Poirier, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Steven Poirier

    Steven Poirier

    Hi there

    i've never saw my answer yet in google and here.

    So at the start, i want to make a new skin for V12, ( about this i'm ok )
    But my problem is there

    In ( gamedata/vehicules/F-V12 ) folder we got all team folder.

    Look good , but inside of each folder, its only skin component.

    So if i want to add like, Life 1990 skin, i cant, because i got no files to edit to change the value to saw this Life as a new team inside the game.

    Basically, i dont want to replace a original skin.

    Also i found the place for the driver, (talent) folder, like the skin, no place to link up wich team they are link.

    Anyone add an answer ?
  2. Wedsley Dias

    Wedsley Dias

    Hello, what you can do:
    Create a new folder for your team / skin and save your .dds (vehicle / helmet) there;
    Copy from another folder / team, the .VEH files;
    Paste these files into the new folder;
    Rename them following the pattern, but according to driver's name;
    Through the text editor, open these files and become familiar with them;
    Edit only needed as: Aim for your .dds (skin), pilot's name, team name and number.

    Once this is done, it should already appear in the "sim" in its category.

    To add talent file, the process is basically the same, duplicate any file from there, rename exactly how the pilot's name (without spaces) contained in .VEH file and edit as you prefer, inserting the correct name of the pilot and adjustments skills.
  3. Steven Poirier

    Steven Poirier


    oooo thank you, -_- stupid window make .veh open by default with 3dsims so i never think to open it with notepad lollll
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