Adding 2DOF motion to Playseat rig


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Dec 11, 2016
I have been building my 1st Simrig since the beginning of the year going with a PLAYSEAT Evolution now sitting on a plywood board with industrial casters simple yet efficient DIY.

My rig is indeed sitting in my private Office with a rather small available space (roughly 8sqm) and I am switching between gaming on Triple screens or TV if the Sim does not support triples well (ACC do you hear me....) so I needed compactness and mobility altogether

I think the pics attached in my thread in the AC forum are self explanatory for you guys to figure out.Its a cramped space but I think I have managed it well for the 2 intended purposes.

Last month I decided to move one step more far with immersion adding bass shakers (2 DAYTON pucs) under the seat.Once the Japan holiday are finished and I go back home,I will add one more puc on the back of the seat and one puc under my pedals plate.

All the bass shakers will be driven by a 5.1 amp on the hardware side, and SImhub(great tooll!!!!) and VMB for the telemetry tactile effects.
Tactile feedback has been a fantastic upgrade to my whole simracing experience.

Now my final step (wishful thinking maybe...) is to add motion to my rig.

I had narrowed down my Options to NLV3, Prosimu T1000 3DOF and DOFreality M2 seat mover or H3 rig.

I am pretty much sold on the DOF MS2 after a lot of reading this week between going for a seat mover or a full rig motion, but I am open to suggestions hence my post here on what seems to be the best forum for motion adding.

My 2 main criteria are keeping the footprint of my rig as small as possible but also ensuring mobility so I can switch between TV and triples and also park the rig on one corner of my small Office space.

I understand the DOFreality MS2 has specific mount for my Playseat but I am concerned with packaging constraints due to motors and arms creating possible clash with my DAYTON pucs as well as the amp driving them.

I am also a bit concerned with how the plywood board would cope with the actual motion effects. The 2 caters at the back have brakes but I wonder if that would be sufficient to keep things stable while driving long runs.

Also potentially concerned with the strength of the plywood getting hammered continuously with pitch&roll movements.

I have plenty of other considerations in my head at considering the validity of my initial choice and how to execute it, and I am even thinking a bit ahead with how to add traction loss down the road , although I understand the DOFreality MS2 dont offer that path, but yes this is where my head is at right now.

Its a long post already but basically what I am looking for is users experience who would have gone the same route of adding 2DOF with seat mover only and on a Playseat ideally

thanks so much