Adantage of different trucks (not just brands)

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  1. Daniel Higgins

    Daniel Higgins

    Hey all!

    As the title says :) I am approaching level 10 and will but a new truck since I have hired an AI driver which can take my old Volvo. I guess better trucks have slightly better handling and accel but at the end of the day its a truck, how much different can it be?

    Totally new to the work of trucks so any advice would be great,

    Also, any suggestions for Lvl.10 truck? Im thinking either another Volvo or a MAN
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
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    To be honest, your remark sounds a bit like the famous TopGear remark, how hard can it be :)

    It's a difference. In handling, accelaration, stability, and off course looks of the inside. But the most difference is made by the config of the truck.

    6x2 has more fuel capacity, but lacks stability.
    6x4 has less fuel, but is more stable, especially when entering a corner a bit to hard :redface:. Just to give an example.

    Also fuel economics are different, which in the end influences profitabillty in the long run.
    Last, prices vary as well offcourse.

    I must say, that to me it doesnt make a huge difference, when comparing trucks in the same confiuration. Mostly, it's price and fuel usage. I am not sure if theri is a difference in reliability between the brands.
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