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Adac Masters 2014 championship format?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Pär Öqvist, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Pär Öqvist

    Pär Öqvist

    I just started a championship in a McLaren MP412c at Oschers.

    edit: problem solved I failed to do a driver swap in race 2.

    Otherwise I run AI on adaptive. Qualifying I was 1,5 second faster running oschers from memory of GTR 2 and Race 07 on stock setup. AI having problem getting below 1:30. May be because I just fooled around quite a bit on the eastern sale trying various cars against AI so they think I suck :)

    First race was predictable lonely. Second race with the weight penalty still faster but I couldn´t create a gap unless I nailed it and I was in energy conservation mode so that didn´t quite happen. One misstake and in the middle of pack and just epic racing. These race as good as human alien drivers do. Just slower but they find gaps where I think there shouldn´t be any for AI. It´s hard to take advantage of the AI script. I was lining up trying to find a line for overtaking AI behind me saw the chance and managed to steal the racing line from me! Then while at it he is followed by another daredevil! All of a sudden from third to fifth being outwitted by AI for the first time ever in my 20 years of AI racing in various titles. Generally they pass because they are just faster but can´t really plan overtakes like this.

    Some corners later I get a run and well I have to gamble myself. Full on side by side into that full speed and no contact while the AI car just refuse to totally yield. Similar situation drag race into T1 but feel bad because I drifted a bit wide which gave him little room and messed him up a bit in the hairpin...

    I also got rear punted once where I totally expected it it´s like racing against humans unbelievable!
    As for car I wonder if not mclaren is the best choice. Snap oversteer tendencies yes and not the easiest car to be aggressive on kerbs with but the weight penalty you get when doing good the first race (hopefully) just helps it gain stability.

    As for the format I don´t quite understand it. Why dual qualifications? Would be better just have reverse grid second race. I think I will make it a habit bomb second qually.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  2. Majuh


    In the real ADAC GT Masters series, the first driver drives in the first qualifying, while the second driver drives in the second qualifying. Without driver swaps it's not really reasonable.
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