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ADAC Championship results wrong

I know this was mentioned earlier in another thread but I think it makes sense to highlight this bug on it's own. As I'm a 99% offline player I was super happy once the ADAC Exp. was released. But due to this stupid race-result bug the entire Championship-mode is totally nonsense!!!
I had nearly not a single race where the final results for the championship points matches the result of the race itself. Right now I finished in 7th on the Slovakia Ring on the second race and the result-list placed me on 10th. Actually, as a car in front of me received a penalty because of pitting late, so I should end in 6th...

Besides this it would be great to have access to a championship overview for the past races.

I hope someone from S3 reads this! The sim overall is just outstanding and I yearn for some proper single player challenges!
Hopefully S3 is working on it. I won the second championship race at Zandvoort in ADAC 2014 & the final results showed me in 4th so that was pretty disappointing.
Had the same issue on single race
Win 2 races, and was second on the ranking/podium after the races
It was always with a tight gap.

I planned to do a topic with videos to show the issue but I saw this one:
skip to the end @30' you'll see him definitely being second on the finish line, but third on the board...

The guess I made is that the game take the overall time of each car to make the ranking as you can see at the end of a race. And I think it doesn't take the same starting time for every car, those who are behind start their time only when they cross the line on the starting grid, So they have few tenth of seconds less than those who are in front on the grid.

In my case I was on pole and the car who "passed" me where 3 or 4th on the grid, so with something less than 1" behing on the rolling start