ACtracks mod sort by:rating is not working


I’m only interested in the >4 star tracks for AC, but if selected that I see the 5star below the 4.5track and on page 2 another 5star rating track, please fix this.
Well, it's not really broken. The sort option just says "Rating" and I agree this is a bit misleading.
The URL however contains the clue "weighted" in the order parameter.
It turns out that (I have discovered after a bit of digging) the actual sorting is done by a tweaked version of the rating which takes into account the number of ratings as well as the average rating. This is to ensure that a download with 100 ratings averaging to 4.5 scores higher than a download with only 10 ratings averaging to 4.9. (Edit: the approach used is called a "Bayesian average".)

Another question, could we have an multiple sorting like rating in combination to an date?
Sadly no, sorry.