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Sell Acer AH101 WMR VR Headset for sale!


Sep 25, 2011
I bought it in September 2018, it still has nearly 1 year Garantie. All cables, two controllers ( one controller has never been used ), comes in the original boxes.
The reason for the sale is a change to an Oculus Rift S, due to the Rift having more room for my glasses.
The headset is fully functional, an optional after-market face padding comes with it.
The price new was 345 €, from Amazon.de on the 18.September.2019.
Make me a sensible offer, I'll ship europe-wide, I'm based in Germany. PM me if you're interested.
Addendum: in case anyboby else asks, no, I won't sell the controllers seperately. This would make the Headset unsaleable, as you need at least one controller to be connected to stop the system complaining, even if you don't need them in a driving sim.
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