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Accuforce V2 vs. Simagic M10

Long-time AccuForce user Mike is quite favorably impressed by the M10:
Nice video. Looks like the M10 is a good option. I would suggest reading the comments as he and others have some good info there as well.

SimRacing604 - 2 days ago
I prefer the cloud sourced FFB on the AccuForce, personally. I usually just have to make small tweaks. I wasn’t able to accomplish that level of FFB with the RaceManager software

I love that we are seeing more options.
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I remember in Mike's AF formula rim he mentioned he didn't like the duramold grip, and I find it interesting he still went for the non-standard duramold grip on the Simagic GT4 rim.

What is even more interesting is that I watched his AF formula rim review, disregarded his comment on not liking the duramold version and bought one, and ended up not being a big fan either :roflmao:
Duramold GT4 was not something he had chosen;
that sample was forwarded to him after Sim Racing Garage reviewed it.
I see. I don't hate the duramold material it actually feels good when you touch it. The problem I have is that I bought the duramold rim because I wanna drive with bare hands. However when using high ffb settings I can get blisters in my hands so I end up still using gloves.


However when using high ffb settings I can get blisters in my hands
Responsiveness of direct drive can be exploited without employing uncomfortable torques.

patient: "Doctor, it hurts when I to that."
doctor: "Don't do that!"

I had and enjoyed a suede-wrapped steering wheel,
until discovering a profound lack of enthusiasm for maintaining its appearance.
I wear gloves similar to these for biking, but not (yet) for sim.