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Accuforce Registry Help Please

So I've been trying to get some FFB from RBR-Pro, and came across a registry edit modification of which I tried and was successful. It took me days of courage to actually do it as I didn't want to break anything else.

Low and behold, I noticed that it had indeed affected other games, Forza Horizon 4 had no FFB at all and ACC had some odd half baked feeling. So, I reverted my registry entry for the Accuforce to the original values that I had jotted down. Fired up ACC and the FFB was great again. However, although Forza Horizon 4 now has some FFB again, it feels very odd, heavy at all angles and just muddy with no detail.

So could I ask someone to confirm their registry entry for me to check mine is correct please.

Here is the path in Registry Editor......


And this is my entry......


Many thanks.
Good timing!!!

Im done after 2 weeks testing with my SC2 Sport.
My problem is not related to RBR (works fine with OG SC2 OEMData) but other games like Dakar18, WRC games and some emulators that doesnt see my SC2 at all.

This is the OG SC2 Sport OEMData, you can try It:
01 00 88 11 80 00 00 00

This is the OEMData that solves my issues, works with RBR, Dakar, WRC, and all my other titles too, but dont Know about ACC (Not tried yet) nor FH4 (doesnt work with any of my OEMData values, will try yours):
43 00 88 01 FE 00 00 00

Word by Mika from Granite Devices:
"According to Microsoft’s documentation, the OEMData parameter is not supposed to work after DirectX 8 was released, but as old games seem to read it, it might be something that makes them recognize the device as ffb cacapable"
And my answer was "Dakar and WRC franchise are not old games, take a look"
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