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Accuforce Cord Failure


I got the V2 Accuforce last summer and love it..... but.... the cord to the wheel keeps getting caught and eventually fails/ripped off.
I tried rapping the coiled (phone like) cord around the calumn but still manages to catch somehow and even pulls the wires out sometimes. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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The James May of Simracing
I never had this problem while driving gladly, and I always unplugged it before turning the base on so it would get ripped of while it's calibrating.

But this is one of the biggest issues this wheel has. It's even been mentioned in the Simput review of the AF2. The problem is that the cable is plugged into the base at the front instead of the back where it would make more sense to keep it from danlging around so much.



I think I have a quick fix.
I did one counter clock rap around at center and secured the base end plug from being continually toqued when wheel turned all the way, which eventually leads to a failure.
The wheel plug side seems to be ok but I'm thinking it would be pulled tight if wrapped the other way?
The base end is easier to secure, I found.
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