Account renewal help

Nasos Charalampou

Even though i dont feel comfortable with this post i decided to do it.

As most of you know Greece has in place capital controls.Fortunately things got a bit better and we can use our credit cards for online shopping but paypal still has revoked its functionality.

Due to house moving and university exams ive let my membership expire as i was planning to renew this month,but then came capital controls and a really bad economic situation.

For the renewal only paypal is available and not any cc.

What im asking is if anyone can and dont mind to gift me a 12month membership and i could transfer him the money through my sisters bank account (while she is currently working here in Greece,she still has an active IGN bank account -from when she did her master in Holland-) .

Im really sorry for this post and i didnt ever thought it would come to this but it is what it is.

After im given the IBAN,name and bank account details,i can transfer the money and then you can gift me the membership.

Sorry again and thanks in advance.
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