ACC V1.6 and 2020 GTWC DLC Now Available


Jul 28, 2017
I've tried it and there is no 'true' 90fps. still same old, same old. Still does not compare to AMS2 which is breathtaking in VR.
What are you talking about?

I just tested it for you again, this time with the oculus performance tools overlay.

15 ai cars, monza, starting last.

I had two dropped frames at the first chicane and after that the framegraph was a straight line without a single hitch, so yes, 90 FPS all the time.

I don't really care if you believe it but why should i make this up?

Ok, i admit that this was only one track and i will test some more in the evening but this looks really promising.
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Jun 18, 2020
It does. Just had a race vs the ai and the game was 100% smooth in vr (like not a single framedrop smooth), even outperforming AMS2.

If i compare that to how the game performance in vr just a couple of months ago it's almost sorcery.
Wow that's either sarcasm or its made my night, will be trying it out later as had given up on ACC due to its VR side as my computer isn't enough for it sadly, until i get my new build sorted anyhow.
Mar 24, 2019
I have no option to buy it for some reason, but on steamdb it's already listed.

EDIT: Accessing it through steamdb works though.
EDIT2: Great regional price on this one.
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Jun 25, 2017
The tire model in general received updates, the 2020 cars have a new tire compound on top of that.
Not sure if you meant this, but to clarify. When you press 2020 on top of the screen. All cars will now have this new Pirelli DHE tyre. For the older seasons there is also an update to the tyremodel but they still use the older tyre from Pirelli.

it doesn’t have anything to do with the year next to the car name.
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Jul 28, 2017
Wow that's either sarcasm or its made my night, will be trying it out later as had given up on ACC due to its VR side as my computer isn't enough for it sadly, until i get my new build sorted anyhow.
It's not meant to be sarcasm .

I never played ACC much due to the bad vr performance and this is much better,

Gave it another shot, this time nürburgring with the same setup, so 15 ai and starting last.

Obviously some dropped frames at the first corner. After that i had two small stutters with 2-3 dropped application frames at the "Bit Corner" and 1 dropped compositor frame somewhere around the track.

Now that's not as smooth as monza but for me, that's good enough now to not keep me from playing in vr anymore.

Don't know how representative that is but i think nürburgring is one of the heaviest tracks?
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Jun 4, 2011
Bad frame pacing for me since 1.6.0.. FPS counter always shows a steady 60 fps (with frame limiter, no VSYNC), but it's running very uneven, sometimes it looks smooth, sometimes it feels like 30 fps, and anything between. GPU is bored and no CPU core is at 100 %.

Am I the only one?
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Feb 24, 2016
Early thoughts are that the AI is better although i'm not seeing any passing amongst the AI themselves even at 100% aggression. Would be interested to see what others are seeing. A little disappointed that we can't do mulitclass with the AI yet, but perhaps in the future.

I'm on the fence with the FFB updates. Using a DD wheel it feels more springy in the center to me and I'm not 100% sure I like it yet, but again it's early.

Track is high quality. Pricing is great as usual from Kunos.

I've seen a couple of frame stutters going into the final turns at Imola, but it's not consistent.
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Oct 2, 2019
Ouch - really not a fan of what they've done with the tyre model for the older tyres.

I've gone from 1.24s to 1.29s around the Hatch, mainly because of ridiculous snap oversteer that wasn't there before, or probably more to the point I'm not getting the feedback to tell me I'm on the limit.

Hope it gets fixed soon.
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