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ACC tyres not stick to road, rotates independently slower than car travels

I noticed this bug as to me it seems that taking eau rogue at spa is too difficult compared to other sims like AMS2, raceroom, even seems its harder than real life like i must put so much precision into that chicane in ACC and i see videos real life drivers take it almost with no effort even flat out casually, and in ACC you must put so much precision. after another spin i watched replay in slow mo to see what im doing wrong and i think i found the issue. tyres just not stick to road you can see on my replay as they going much slower than car! they just sliding unnatural way.
I dont think its my PC issue as i have Ryzen CPU, good GPU and with my custom graphics settings i have always FPS above 100 FPS. Is it wrong only with BMW or did you have that issue too?
video i recorded
i take it dont remember about 240+ km/h i know at sure i just press throttle till max rev limiter on fifth gear and i always must let off in middle of the corner . but speed is 240+ km/h and wheels you can see rotates much slower they not even stick to road it lookes like brakes was almost locked
here real life footage you can see they both go there flat out effortless, they even touch that left curb more than i, i just touch that kerb and i spin immediately but it happens only in ACC, in AMS2 raceroom its all good i can take that turn normal


Jaxx Vane Studio
nah.. it's simply the graphics representation of the tyres that rotates slowly to avoid some limitation of the UE4 motion blur system.

A bug where tyres would rotate "so wrong" that you could see it with naked eye would make the entire thing totally unplayable.

so.. yeah.. but no
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ACC Club Staff
Yep, graphics bug I believe. It depends what car you drive and the setup but it took me a few goes in the Bentley to find the right line to take it flat, after that no problems at all.