ACC setup function descriptions - tyre set etc.

Oct 12, 2019
Hi guys,
I recentyl start to race ACC and I really struggle with setup the car properly because of lack of information about functions. I mean there is not any description what those functions do. I don´t like PC2 but there was such a great explanation of all setup functions what I really miss in ACC.
I do know few things about car setups but it would be really helpful.
My second question is about "TYRE SET" functions. I actually don´t know what does that mean. You´ve got one TYRE SET "slider" in your race fuel and tyre field and second TYRE SET slider in your pit stop field. I honestly have no idea how this works :-(
I would really appreciate any help guys.



Oct 27, 2015
As for tyre sets: there are a limited number of tyres you can use every week, so being gentle with the tyres is a part of the strategy in the game. I think you can use 5 sets on a sprint weekend, not sure about the endurance restriction though. During pitstop you can even select a previously used tyre, and you can set this up on the pit stop strategy page, where you can check the condition of the sets. Great idea, not so perfect implementation on the interface.