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ACC Car Setups Folders

Misc ACC Car Setups Folders 1.8.4

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Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Günthar Rowe submitted a new resource:

ACC Car Setups Folders - Folder structure for ACC setups

Simply, this is all the folders for all the current tracks for all the current cars.

I thought it would be nice to already have all the folders there, so when you want to move around setups for a car to a new track or save downloaded ones for a track you have not yet saved a setup to, it was all ready to go.

This does not include any setups themselves, so you can drop it in your ACC folder in your Documents and nothing will be overwritten.

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Thanks! Its labeled as a .7Z file, I tried to drop in in with the couple of setup folders and the new "empty" folders didn't show up. Can you or someone please share the steps to install? Thanks ;-)
I cant see the files. No files to extract. Folders are empty. I´m premium suscriptor. I tried all the instruccions and i can´t see files into the folders. Help please
Guys, I saw what he did. He just created the folder that was you can upload your own setup in there. Misleading title. Dumb Ass