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Featured ACC: An Introduction to Blancpain GT Racing

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. MarkR


    The Introduction is useful information for sure, it's just a shame this has to be explained in text format rather than having been made an integral part of the game. There is a career mode, this would have been an ideal way to introduce all these aspects. A few more short video clips explaining the main aspects would also have been far more interactive and immersive - I'm sure there is a friendly race team out there with a team principle and engineer who'd have explained the ideas in a set of 1-3 minute clips (& yes skippable for the experienced).

    I want to balance this because there is so much to enjoy about ACC from the car handling, wheel feedback, the difference between the feel of the cars, weather transition, graphics (4k on a high-end system) and superb sound. As a tech demo GT3 driving experience it is, for me, awesome, turning a few laps in the hot lap and hot stint modes gives a real-world feeling of being on track with the element of risk and reward (risk in terms of invalid laps if not instant death as requested earlier in the thread ;) )

    I've had over 90 hours of fun from the game so it's good enough from a cost/play perspective. It's just a shame the player is left to find the best experience.

    What really surprises me is that Kunos had the basis for a superb career with the Driver Rating system. The career could so easily have walked the player through each aspect of Blancpain GT3 racing and tracked the various elements of the driver rating system. It still looks to me within career mentions of 'brake tests' and 'engine map tests' that this was the intention but it was never finished.

    The comparison with F1 2017/18/19 has to be made. F1 leads the player through the key elements in practice sessions and tests. The player is walked through smooth laps, tyre saving, fuel-saving, hot laps etc. The F1 online in-game driver rating system also works well, it's simplified but it works. In ACC the player is left to work out that the consistency and cornering rating systems can be used to help improve lap times. No laptime boards per car and track seem like a serious oversight in 2019, leaderboard time chasing is a big part of the fun.

    I see so much potential for how the career mode and single-player elements of ACC could have been. What has been delivered in terms of the single-player experience so far disappoints. It's the usual mix of Kunos genius in the car handling but wrapped up in an odd online racing solution that is as chaotic as any other and a career mode that is out of date and looks unfinished.

    I see this as pretty much the Kunos way since the console versions of AC, a superb technical driving experience is almost guaranteed and in many ways genius. On the other hand, the gameplay is an afterthought and mostly for the player to find for themselves. As with reading this article, enjoying ACC requires some effort.
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  2. General_RIMT


    You can save mid-race in ACC
  3. Caepinus


    Nope, you can save between sessions, not during a race.
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  4. kunos

    Kunos Simulazioni Premium

    yes and no actually.

    You could at a certain point during Early Access but we had to remove it because it was creating too many bugs and corner cases. It's currently the #1 priority and hopefully it'll back soon.
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  5. Ptoject Khan

    Ptoject Khan

    Why have there been features in EA that are not anymore in the released version?
    - where are(is?) the pit crew?
    - where is the mid-session save?
    - has the driverswap feature been implemented by now?
    - I haven't seen the spectator mode working yet. If it's working by now, any introduction to the feature ingame would have been nice.

    - Where do I find the schedule for the competition server? Will I have to write down the times, when the server tells me join is available or is there any way to find out times? for me it's currently try and error.

    - Why is it so hard in ACC for people to install proper running servers? Did they change so much in Setup und explain so little?

    I'm just confused, sad about hard to find information about how this game is working and deeply disappointed...
  6. Vicitus


    But they really have to update the tracklimits, Coz in the reallity they drive in some corners sooooo wide... In ACC you simple cant drive like them :(
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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