AC: What is Cubemap resolution and what is Faces per Frame. Settings?

Rick Malm

Questions re AC Reflection settings that might help me and other new drivers of AC:

I do like high quality mirror reflections, but medium might be enough, is this a big hit to FPS?
Recommendations? ( MAX )

What is "Cubemap resolution" and what should it be set to? ( low )

What is the setting "Faces per Frame" and what should it be set to? ( 1 )

Thanks Rick

AC settings: Fullscreen Rendering ON | Triple Screen ON (6065x1080) | Vsync - OFF | Frame Limit - 85 | Aniso x 8 | AA x 4 | FXAA x 3 | Shadows -Low | World Detail - Maximum | HDR Color Sat On @ 92%| Smoke Generation – Low||Smoke in Mirrors OFF| Motion Blur - OFF | Mirror Resolution Max (per stereo post below)| CubeMaps at Low (per stereo) | Faces per Frame - 1 (per stereo)
My system: CPU: Intel i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz
Video: NVIDIA | EVGA GeForce GTX 780Ti to 3 ASUS VE278Q 27” monitors 85hz refresh
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Cubemap is used for surface reflections (like the body of the car, glass, etc.). Higher settings give it more detail, but if you're driving from the interior there's really no visible difference.

Faces per frame, well, it's a cube texture so it has 6 sides - to be completely current it would have to render all of them every frame, but you can set it to only update some of the sides each frame. Again it's not going to be all that noticeable from the driver's seat, leave it at 1 face unless you have extra gpu power to spare.

Mirror resolution is not a big fps hit, increasing cube faces per frame is. On my triple screens I do set mirrors to max quality cause I can see the difference.


I would go no nigher than medium resolution and 3 faces per frame. Those two settings have a great impact on framerates so when in doubt, you can start at low resolution and 1 face per frame and work your way up from there.