AC Racing Club Ideas

Bram Hengeveld

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In this thread you can spit your ideas for the AC Racing Club.
  • Want a special event to be organised?
  • Are we systematically overlooking cars or tracks?
  • You wish to organize a race for the "wifes/men of RD" and hook up your partner with other community partners?
  • Something else? Spit it out here
I'd like to have a race with the formula car of Lotus (can't remember the name) in preparation for the GP series, I assume that car will be used for the series, since I can't find any other formula car
  • Multiclass events: GT2 with GT3 cars, etc. - keep the contrast relatively close, an Abarth 500 vs the Exos won't be classy - additional incentive for drivers of supposedly slower cars to overtake faster ones - this will be an Étude for drivers how to reliably and fast overtate (to lap) slower cars and how to be laped
  • Endurance series: 30, 40 laps; 1h, 2h - a small moment or a jaunt into the gravel won't matter as much as consistant lap times and a reliable car - a 40 lap race on hard tyres is possible without a pit stop, the fuel will last too
  • something different: "Two cars, one track" (oh oh the reference): two cars are faced in the opposite direction at the start line, one at the left, one at the right - after the start sign they race one or more laps and the winner is who crosses the finish line first (and the one who doesn't crash trying to swirl away from the oncoming car :D) - this has to be done in practice mode or somth so that the cars would be properly orientated at the start - spectators with a screenshot button are mandetory
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Oscar Hardwick

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Once things settle maybe something not unlike Mini Fridays using the Elise and the GT4 spec Exige or the 240R in a multiclass sprint format on a regular basis with monthly scoring or the like?


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GT2, GT3 and formula races are always nice but I hope to see some races including street cars too!
Like Lotus Elise SC at Magione, BMW M3 E30 at Silverstone international... That kind of stuff ;)
Any thoughts on setting up some drift events, with a eye on international teams, setting up a potential drift league to establish the best drifting nation.

The same could be done for the drag racing aspect too.


It looks like some (or all) events may have to be moved back to a later date because of the Multiplayer delay.
Hopefully it wont effect too many events, but at the moment we've got no idea when Multiplayer will be released.
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