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Misc AC Prato Short & Prato Long Billboard update 2019-03-09

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Sascha Guenther submitted a new resource:

AC Prato Short & Prato Long Billboard update - removes the netkar_pro ads and fake ones...

A big billboard and texture update for the (fake) Prato circuit (to be found here at RD). I have redone nearly all ads and textures which are mandatory. Just put them into prato_short or prato_long (or both) folders and unrar the file. Then choose with content manager.

Things I did:
_ darkened the asphalt
_ darkened the grass / redone colors
_added new sponsors (KW, Eni, etc) in HD
_redone the tyre arch with HD textures
_removed netkar_pro ads on all textures
_removed fake sponsors and...

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