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  1. Lawndart


    Both AC and Pcars have a nearly exclusive core focus on European cars and tracks... Pcars definitly has a fabulous track list but every car is European. AC has the add couple of American cars but no American tracks?

    My information could be dated, and I appriciate that racing games are wildly more popular in Europe but I wonder if their are any future plans to bring more American cars and tracks to either series. Sure, they are few in the high end cars area, but tracks? We have epic tracks. , on the cars front, if you go down into the club racing ranks, we race everything here... Literally everything. You go to a nasa or SCCA even on any given weekend and see cars you forgot existed... Maybe I just want a sim that has more of the cars I race vs. just the "hero" cars?

    I'm rambling, but thank you moders for seeing the missed opportunities, or simply filling the gap.
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  2. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    I dont have a full official list at hand, but I dont consider Mustang nor Mitsubishi to be European cars, and last time I checked Road Atlanta wasnt European either :p
    Ford overall has to be considered american, no?
    Also, they are adding ovals and stock cars, doesnt get more yank than that! :p
  3. Tim Lundy

    Tim Lundy

    Project Cars:

    - California Raceway - Willow Springs
    - Lakeville Raceway - Sonoma Raceway
    - Monterey - Laguna Seca
    - Watkins Glen
    - Wisconsin Raceway -
    Road America

    Oval Tracks (DLC as far as I know)

    - Concord - Charlotte Motor Speedway **
    - Daytona International Speedway
    - Delaware - Dover
    - Henrico - Richmond
    - Indianapolis Speedway *
    - Memphis - Bristol

    Country Roads

    - California Highway


    1990 Caper Monterey Stock Car (fictional 1990 Stock Car)
    2009 Ford Focus
    2013 Ford Boss Mustang
    1997 Ford Mustang Cobra SCCA
    1967 Ford GT40
    Mark IV
  4. RaceNut


    There are some USA based tracks in Pcars. Corvette, Cobra in AC. I think Kunos made mention of wanting to include more US-based cars and tracks in the future. Mid-Ohio was another track that has been talked about. Given some time, I'm sure more will come. It's only natural that developers focus on more local content first; pick the easy fruit first before moving onto the bigger challenges.

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  5. Zytok


    Oval is huge in the states so guess we'll have to wait for the promised DLC. I thought they might have secured one or two more Asian manufacturers to appeal to that market more tbh. Will have to wait and see if rumours from BN come to fruition or not.