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Tracks Absolute newbie needs help creating track


Ambient means not in sunlight, diffuse means in direct sunlight. With CSP the ambient value depends on which way the object's facing (up is bluer, down yellower) and of course the diffuse value also depends on how it's facing (towards the sun is brighter, but also any other light shining directly on it uses diffuse) Usually you should use the same value for both unless it's some complicated material like satin or brushed metal.

It's not one or the other though, you always add the two together (diffuse can be 0 if no lights hit it, ambient's never 0)
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Dear all
thanks for all the help. I've done quite a bit of changes to the track but still no textures. I'll upload something soon to let everyone have a look.

One thing is bugging me though, are the scales in AC accurate? in Blender, I have set object and track measurements to the same size as in real life in meters, but in AC, it's either the car is really huge or the environments are really small. For example, the main track I have has 5 lanes, and is around 20 meters wide. But in the game it looks like half of that or even much less.. The same goes for the Shutoko project, I can't help but feel that the lanes are not quite as wide as they are in real life. Anyone else have this feeling?


Your scale was correct (judging from that one building). I guess that will clear up when you apply road markings, barriers, and such.

Just to make sure, I double checked:
In-game your road width at the starting location measures about 32 m, in Google Earth I measure 33,5. Without much detail it's hard to say from where to where I need to measure, so I guess that's about right.
Then going from one river crossing to the other, in GE I measure 1084 m, in-game I measure 1082 m; again confirming the scale :)
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yep, measurements wise, it's close to real life, in fact my track at 32m is wider than in real life (it's around 24m, I think google earth sattellite data is guesstimation), but it seems so narrow from the cockpit. Could be because of the field of view in AC?
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2021-10-27 08_54_30-Window.png

This is a screenshot from above overlayed on aerial imagery to match the scale; then I copied the cars onto all lanes.
I'd say it looks about right.
In-game it's really hard to judge scale (especially on an 'incorrect' FOV - if that's the case), and especially without much reference around you (road markings, barriers, etc.).
ok, i'll go with that.

I've uploaded the latest build for everyone's enjoyment. Still a long way to go, there're floating buildings here and there and missing walls, but this one is just for the proof of concept. No collision detection either as I think enclosing the road dividers and things in collision detection boxes makes it hard to edit for now.. I'll do that later.

Just drop it into your \content\tracks folder

btw, is there any way in the kunos editor to get an overhead map view (i.e. zoom out)? or do we only have a car field of view in it?
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