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Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by DeepJKL_FIN, Feb 19, 2011.

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    If You have vacation plans and want to do something really special, You should check www.rrteam.fi (Unfortunately only in finnish at the moment). They host RallyEvents... You can first train in this simulator, driving physically modelled WRC Focus 2008 in Ouninpohja 35km:

    Then sit on the Co-pilot seat in this 300hp 4wd Subaru Impreza Sti:

    And also drive a real rally car, Mitsubishi Evo 4wd about 280hp/550Nm on that shown track.

    Even the simulator is excellent. Precious note from the rally driver Lauri Riipinen: "It shows if the customer has driven Colin McRae Rally or dirt... they usually don't stay on the road in the first corners, but on the other hand if the customer has a Richard Burns Rally experience, they usually drive competetive times from get go." :cool:

    And from my own experience in this sim... :tongue: It's pretty darn good... You don't get FFB so much on Your hands, but jumping and other physical car behavior is... well... :tongue:
  2. Rick Bamford

    Rick Bamford

    Thats cool. How much does it cost? my finish is a little rusty, lol.
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