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Aalberts Conquers the Nurburgring - GhostSpeed Germany Review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Pedro Rodrigues, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues


    This past week saw the GhostSpeed drivers travel to the Nurburgring for the German Grand Prix. With the teams confidence level being reasonably high going into the race weekend, could GhostSpeed have yet another successful Grand Prix?

    The World Trophy race saw an impressive qualifying run by all 3 drivers. Ville Leppälä continued to maintain great qualifying form achieving 8th position, whilst his teammate Joona Leppaenen qualified in 14th. But Mark Aalberts continued his high qualifying form by taking Pole Position. Although could this impressive form be followed up by a better race? The answer to that is Yes! Mark lead the race throughout to claim a well deserved victory. He built a good gap in the initial laps and then controlled the race until the finish line. Ville’s race unfortunatley came to an early end when his game unexpectedly froze and forced him to retire from a promising 5th position. Joona Leppaenen also suffered some technical issues and if that wasn’t enough, he was held in the pits for damage repair and lost 50 seconds! But that didn’t stop the “flying fin” from charging his way up to a respectable 12th position. Overall the World Trophy was a success for GhostSpeed with Mark taking his second victory of the season, and the two Finnish drivers of Leppaenen and Leppälä showing some promising form and if the techincal failures can be fixed then GhostSpeed will definatley be a name to look out for in the very near future.

    The World Series race once again showcased why it’s one of the best sim racing leagues in the world! With some incredible overtakes and profesionalism throughout the field. GhostSpeed’s Martin Gosbee would start the race from 12th position. Gosbee was conservative into the first corner making sure to stay in the race and not throw anything away, and then showcased some lightning reactions by swerving to avoid a collision between Jack Keithley and David Dominguez. But disaster struck for Martin when he couldn’t slow down his car enough in the pit lane and had to endure a drive-thru penalty. Martin hadn’t given up and kept pushing, he eventually caught and passed the GT-Omega driver but with 3 laps to go Gosbee’s engine blew. Despite all of this he brung the car home in 8th position and knowing he had the pace to be on top5 there are plenty of positives to be taken away from a difficult race.

    Finally the World Championship saw the greek driver Jim Parisis claim 12th position in qualifying and his GhostSpeed teammate Martin Gosbee would start the race in 15th position. Jim had a great start moving up into 10th position but some slight contact with Raino Room meant that for the rest of the race Parisis suffered with some suspension problems, but still managed to bring the car home in a respectable 11th place. Martin Gosbee also had a great start moving up to 11th position within two laps! But a small collision with Morgan Morand meant that the car became very nervous going into corners and unfortunatley, Martin span his car on the hairpin ending his race prematurely.

    Overall it was quite a good weekend for GhostSpeed and now the team is preparing for the Hungarian Grand Prix, where it expects to be stronger.

    Written by Liam Jenkins

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