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Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Gary3, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Gary3


    Now this may seem like a weird wish or request or question, but with the way the game is setup, is there anyway you can just set the game to play through races without any intervention on your part, basically have it just simulate races for you to watch and snap between drivers and watch whats happening, watch them make changes, pit stops. Ive played through the game some and I've had a good deal of fun but the most fun is watching how the other teams perform, and alot of times i can't pay attention to them because I'm having to play through my team. I would love to just watch a whole season and be able to see many teams progress and just go about the season. Is there a mod for this, or is there even a possibility of something like this even being a real thing?
  2. DnyI


    I guess you could try getting yourself fired from your job... I haven't been fired yet, so I'm not really sure what would happen after that, but I think it is probably not mandatory to accept another job so you would be able to simulate through the game. It does take a whole season to get fired though, I think... If you're not matching/surpassing your objective on the constructor's table after any race, the team principal tells you that if you don't achieve your objective in the end of the season you will be fired.
  3. driveroz247


    I have been unemployed for 6 months in the game now. It is not mandatory to accept another job straight away and you can simulate through the game, however you cannot actually view the races. You can only check out the statistics and results on the standings page for each racing league, and also view any changes to the series rules made for the next year.

    It doesn't take a whole season to get fired, I got fired after 6 races. It doesn't really have anything to do with your position on the constructors table either, it has to do with where your finishing position is in the race. Before the season starts, your chairman asks where you think you will finish and you make an agreement with them, that is also where they expect you to finish in each race. So for example, if you've made an agreement to finish the season second, your chairman also expects that you will finish every race in second position or higher. Then, if you finish worse than second, the chairman's confidence in you drops, and it is up to you to improve your results from there. If the chariman happiness falls to 0.00% you will get an ultimatum, and if you fail that ultimatum in the next race you will get fired, no matter how many races into the season you are.

    For the original poster, you cannot simulate through the races and watch them as they occur, you can only get the stats and results for each race after it finishes.
  4. dimagico


    i tryed different approach :p managed to get into F1 2023 season with T-Sport. Signed Brown, Defourny and Leclerc for that season, but... aplyed for a job at Williams after first race (which i got it in a few days). Williams was a backmarker team in 2023 with Verstappen & Vandoorne (???) and Williams was spending 300 000 each race (including bonuses) because of expensive drivers and had barely 5 mils on account. T-Sport had still 20 after building cars...but Leclerc and Defourny was much cheaper with almost 5 stars. I watched progress of T-Sport for few races, while i was trunckling at the back with Williams not knowing how to survive the season:roflmao: ....at the same time....T-Sport was also lower (arround 16th-18th places on grid) without me. I didn´t went through whole season though.... rather loaded start of season again and continued with T-Sport. It´s mid season now and my Leclerc scored 19 points till now... and T-Sport is quite established in mid pack. I guess 2024...we can win some races :whistling: