A Question About Computer Screens for Sim Racing....


Feb 17, 2018
Those of us with powerful GPU's often opt for either triple screens or VR for sim-racing. But for those with a nice, but not top-end, system, like mine (i7-7700 CPU; 1660Ti GPU and 16 Gigs Ram), options are a bit more limited. Although I do much of my sim racing in VR already, I frequently run a session or two on my single screen - so that brings me to my question.

I see that there are a variety of curved screens available now - both in size and, perhaps more importantly, in various radiuses (radii?)

For someone who sits about 2 1/2 feet from the screen, what size/radius screen would provide the most "immersion" (however you want to define that term)? FWIW, I have most of the main sims discussed here on RD, but spend most of my time on rFactor2, iRacing, AMS (or the new AMS2 Beta), R3E, AC and a bit of ACC. I also spend some time on KartKraft and Dirt Rally 2.

I know that this is probably pretty subjective, but that's OK.


Hiro Abe

Jul 29, 2017
I know that this is probably pretty subjective, but that's OK.
Heh. THERE's an understatement! :cool:

I have a CHG90 that I went to FROM a 27" triple screen set up. I have an i5/9600k w/GTX1070 and have just about all graphical settings at high or highest settings. I love it. If you're interested in more detail, I did a lengthy review of it in this forum section. There's another thread about Samsung's latest with the more aggressive curvature. I would recommend waiting till it comes out and see what people are saying. I'm interested in it but not enough to pull the trigger on it asap. I expect it'll be pretty expensive out of the gate.

Oh... I sit 20" away from my monitor when racing. Incredibly immersive imo.