A note on the Nordschleife

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    Ah yes, the Nordschleife. Long, twisted and slightly insane (not unlike myself).

    So when are we finally going to run the Nords in R3E Club race?
    Short answer: We're not. The Nordschleife won't appear in a Club race.

    Now, before you start rummaging around for the torches and pitchforks, we are going to feature races on the Nords, it just won't be in the regular club-races.
    Let me explain why.

    While there's no doubt that Nordschleife is an iconic track, and arguably the best-known track outside the F1 scene, it probably won't make for very good club-racing.
    It is far too technical for a lot (if not most) of our members.
    And unless you know the track well, you're quite simply dead, as can be attested by the many Nords-crash videos on YouTube.
    In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the R3E club consists of members of a wide skill-range, and we'd prefer to keep it that way.
    But this fact means that the grid will become spread out very quickly, and with 24 cars on a 22 kilometer track, there's every chance that you'll never see another car for the entire race.
    And if all you're accomplishing is doing solo-laps, there seems to be very little reason for doing it online.

    So, the Nords won't appear in the Club races.
    Instead look for it in 'special' events, probably during week-end afternoons.
    In return, we are going to try and make those races as....interesting...as we can. :D
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