A New 1992 F1 Physics Mod Is Coming!!

Im nearing completion of this physics mod for the F1SR 92 Rfactor 1 carset. So far, this is what you can expect....

individual car physics/handling
individual tyre compounds
Reiza shaders (Thanks to ClimaxF1)
tyre flat spots
new in depth talent files including Reiza parameters
added in menu team logos

Im in the final stages of car balancing in performance to one another, I have gone to great lengths to uncover and use as much real world / driver reported / engineer reported data as possible, via books, interviews, podcasts etc etc. I will say though that this mod is meant to be FUN, so if you are expecting something akin to a Richard Wilks project, this is not that, but as previously mentioned there is as much real world information/data applied as possible. I still think you'll enjoy - here is a sneak peek!!