A little multiplayer trip

Ian Strom

Harey and I just took a drive around the city! (small city 2009)
After burning around for a bit we went to get some hookers! Put lots of wear on the suspension doing that. :p
http://www.xfire.com/video/25df45/ (secondary link if the firs does not work http://tinypic.com/r/10mvg61/5 )
Then we went to play in a field and Harey revealed his secret ride; MoleCar!
Our Qlogs were flooded with errors we had never seen in SP and we were stuck using the same car.
Racer also initially said I could host but then changed it's mind. (I do have 25000 forwarded and the firewall allowing Racer)

Interesting times to be had with 0.8.8.


lol you didn't tell me you had Xfire, totally forgot Xfire could record video haha. the hooker part was funny though lol

and don't mess with my mole car or I'll mole you up haha

the errors seemed to be a lot of float errors for me, only really happened with the 928 (which does have CG shaders). and i was looking at the server thing is there way I can tell it to have more than 1 car? because all it showed for me was "Cars: Porsche 928"

Ian Strom

Xfire does not have any In-Game support for Racer. It detects it while running and counts hours but that is that. I used fraps to do the vid(that is why it is not only small but crappy FPS) and then just told xfire to take the video under the name of Racer.

XFire does not seem to have much if any in-game support for OpenGL stuff it seems. :(
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