A hysterical historical potpourri at Portimao Circuit

Kenny Paton

The Backmarkers United server presents a hysterical potpourri at Portimao Circuit tonight at 18.30 GMT. Perfect preparation for those FWD cars tommorrow night.:laugh:
18:30gmt for 30 mins practice and 10mins qually followed by a 20 minute race. Followed by 10 minutes to swap cars, 10 minutes qually and another 20 minute race for those that haven't had enough.
Like the Little Old Lady from Pasadena come and have Fun Fun Fun.
Teamspeak is available just pm me. You don't have to be a RD premium member (although I would recommend joining) to take part in this race.
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Lars Hansen

Buggered if I know.....
Lovely title for this race! xD
I'll be joining you guys for some race soon, not sure if I can make it for this one though, but what cars are being used btw?
Anything we're in the mood for, there's nothing official about these races so it's anything goes.
This time it was the BMW Pro Cars, Touring Classics and the Group 5s.
Last time it was ADACs and Radicals.
If Sector3 decides to include lawnmowers, I'm pretty sure we'll find a race for them too. :D

The only thing that can be said with some certainty is that the Radicals usually find their way into one race during a week, simply because they're so fun to drive.
But jump in a race, and we're more than happy to take suggestions for the next one.


Thanks for having me for the race yesterday. I had a great time . looking forward to that lawnmower race :)
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