a good setup for host with low bandwith?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Akbar Sal, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Akbar Sal

    Akbar Sal

    whats a good setup for hosting nkpro for my buddy to have a little race.


    maximum client?

    is there more setup for nkpro server?

    I'm using the default now (didn't touch the setting), and having a crash when the car is a good 1 meter away. especially at the start.
  2. Dean Lawrence

    Dean Lawrence

    Salamat datang, apa kabar Akbar, (that's about the extent of my Indonesian ;) )

    Although your ping is very low I think it's your upload speed that's affecting your game play. It looks like you only have around 10-15kb/s upstream. You'll need to make sure nothing else is using it such as VoIP or IM.

    Try setting the maximum clients to 2 (just you and your friend) and the bandwidth to about 10.

    There's a table in the manual (Page 82) which shows how much upstream bandwidth you need per car.

    "nkpro11\manual\netKar PRO Manual.pdf"

    Server upstream requirements

    cars, Required Kbit/s upstream
    1, 10
    6, 300
    8, 560
    10, 900
    15, 2100

    Failing that you'll have to both join another server hosted elsewhere.

    Good Luck

  3. Akbar Sal

    Akbar Sal

    Thanks for the explanation. good Indonesian btw. :) OMG manual! thanks again for the quick response. Just so you know, theres 4-5 guys wanting to race. will give it a try.
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