A few question about pCARS, garage, liveries and setups

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    Before I go bitching around at the WMD forum or go insane in the game itself, I figure I ask these questions her at RD as it is usually a much friendlier place.
    I have been with pCARS since the beginning but now I realize that some of the issues related to skins, setups, the garage, etc I never really considered and how they would affect gameplay. Now I am wondering if I am using the game wrong or if those things are as clunky as they appear to be:

    1) Garage: I am able to go to the garage and select a livery for a given car. If I go race with that car then, the livery loads. So far so good. But if I come back after racing other cars or selecting other cars in the garage, often that initial car has a "random" livery assigned to it. I even tried saving a setup in case that was necessary.
    How do I select my favorite cars in the garage with the livery I want so I know what I'll be driving in game?

    2) Setup: I know how to manage the setup in the garage. But when I am in practice or a SP race, and I work on a setup I don't see a way to save it the same way I do in the garage. Seems to me that setup is lost to the world unless I work on it in the garage. That doesn't seem possible to me. There has to be a way to work on a car and keep that setup saved someplace. Is this something they are still working on or am I missing something?

    Aside from the above, I hope they will develop a better livery management. I know we requested it during development and I am not that worried if they didn't have time to implement it, but 15 years old games have better setup and livery management than this. What gives?

    3) AI: There used to be a way to fine tune the behavior of the AI. It was complicated and a bit obscure, but it worked. Did they remove it from the final release?

    54) Is there a place where one can read up on all the available features and where they explain more advanced concepts? The manual is a bit skimpy but somebody must have written a more comprehensive guide. At least if a feature is no longer available or badly implemented I won't waste time looking for a way around it.

  2. Kyle Pearson

    Kyle Pearson

    You cannot at this time. It doesn't keep track of your preferred livery for each car; only the currently selected car.

    When you are at the track (whether SP, MP), setups are only saved for that track. You cannot save that setup globally.

    Those were removed when the AI was re-written.

    Which features are you referring to? FFB or something else?
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    Thank you so much for the replies. I actually figured out how to manage a working setup for a given track. Is a bit backwards but it seems to work.

    As for the last question:
    Is there a place where one can read up on all the available features and where they explain more advanced concepts?
    Which features are you referring to? FFB or something else?

    I was just referring to a list of not immediately apparent features athat are nevertheless available. As an example, I am going to list how to create and save a setup for a given cvar/track combo:

    One of thje issues I found with the pCARS setups is that you cannot really work on a setup while in the garage and then for each change go and test the car. It would take forever.

    What I do is as follows:

    1) Pick a car/track combo I want to work on
    2) Test the car and fine tune the setup in the SP practice mode
    3) Once I am done, I go to the garage, open the car and edit the setup. At that point, I can save it to the track I choose. Next time it should be available.

    Unfortunately, this system is far from optimal. I should be able to save the setup with a file name while in the practice session, but lacking that at least it
    better than doing a setup blind.

    What this system doesn't allow you to do is to create different setups for different conditions. For instance a dry Quali setup, a wet one, and so on.

    I hope they are still working on this aspect of the game because when people discuss the tired argument "arcade V. Simcade V. Simulation" these are the issues that make a title "arcade" as much as how a car drives. I am happy with the way many cars drive on pCARS, I am not happy about AI behavior and car setup management.
    Until they give us the ability to save setups to a file, pCARS will be an incomplete simulator.