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A few issues with and questions about GSC2013.

I have a few issues with and questions about GSC2013.

1) Until today I used only hood and/or nose view. But now I am trying to use the cockpit view because I think it is more immersive. However my view is very shaky, if that is the right word. I mean that I see my dashboard going up and down in a exaggerated way. It is as if my car has very soft spring and hardly any damping. Maybe it is the more annoying because I use my 45" tv as monitor.
Is there something I can do to decrease this effect ?

2) I have disabled Auto Clutch and assigned a button as clutch. When I start Practice and have to leave my box it is often impossible to start driving. Most of the times my engine shuts off when I hit the throttle. When I switch off the pit limiter (which is apparently On by default), I sometimes succeed but even then not always. Is it more or less necessary to use Auto Clutch in GSC2013 ?

3) I saw a few YouTube movies in which I got the impressions that in some cars it is possible to have more dashboards in the cockpit view and then I mean the gauges and the way it is possible with, for example, the Dashmeter Pro app. Or IS that always an external app and does it look as if it is in-game ?



I can answer 2 and 3; afraid I am not sure about 1.

2) This is something I have seen reported a few times. I use auto-clutch most of the time, personally. However hold in your clutch when you click to go to the session and it should be okay. If you assign buttons to Ignition and Starter you can also restart the car if it stalls (not all cars, and some only in the pit lane - you can't restart a Formula V12 on track, for example).

3) Yes, I use rfdynhud. First you need to install java 6 included in the download. Other files drag and drop into your main GSC directory. When everything is installed go to the plugin folder and in one folder you find an editor to change the layout as you like.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbhl0o1lqwk2t0c/rfdynhud GCS2013.rar

Sorry I can't answer all your questions, but hopefully that helps.
Am i understand this correctly that GSC2013 actually support to assign a button on the wheel to work as clutch ??
If thats true then i really want AC to have this feature too :inlove: